Thursday, March 8, 2012


Yesterday was awesome! Tim woke up feeling good. I think when he has such a bad day, just feeling average the next day seems so good to him. He was in an awesome mood all day, he felt like doing things, and everything was incredible. In fact, he was more active than me all day, which is very unusual. I was a little concerned he was overdoing it and was going to cause himself to hurt bad today, but he didn't. He cut out a hole in our wall where we are going to put in a new door to a new patio. The hole was started by his fist one day a few months ago, so he just had to use some tools to make it bigger. ;-) We went to Home Depot to check out the doors. We figured we would buy one from Direct Buy to save money, but we wanted to price them at Home Depot to see what we needed to expect. They were all $250 or more for the type we needed. As we were about to walk off that aisle, though, something caught my eye. I went to look at it, and I was blown away. There was ONE solid wood door in the style we wanted that was originally $174. That price was good, but we knew we would have to do much more work to make it happen because we would have to frame it out ourselves, paint or stain it, attach hinges, etc. However, that one door was on sale for $43.50!!! We couldn't believe it! We snatched it up, along with the boards, hinges, and things we would need to put it in. For less than $100 we got all the materials needed. I LOVE me some bargain shopping!! When we got home Tim worked on it all evening. I was afraid he would hurt today, and he does, but it's not so bad that he couldn't do anything. This is so awesome! Very seldom does it happen that way. We both have been so excited and giddy today because of how he is feeling.

I keep getting more green all the time, and it's spilling over into cleaning products now. I was focused on all natural and organic eating, natural body care, and natural fabrics. I have started finding recipes for many natural things. I got a book that has everything from toothpaste to pet treats to laundry detergent recipes. Our deck is getting moss all over it, so we were going to buy some deck cleaner to get rid of it. We have a lot of deck. It goes all the way around our house, and it starts up by the road and comes all the way down to our house. It's faded to a gray color over the years, and now it's gray with green. I decided to try a homemade recipe for deck moss cleaner. I tested it on a small area, and it was incredible! Not only did it get rid of the green moss, it also got rid of the gray color. That small area of deck now has the original reddish brown color of the wood. The rain is pouring today, so I can't get out and clean it. But we are suppose to have sun tomorrow. If we do I will clean a big area of the deck and do before and after pics for you to see. I think you will be amazed!

Tonight we are working a variety show at the middle school. We'll be selling popcorn and cokes all night. It's a little bittersweet because my hometown high school Lady Rams basketball team is playing in the state finals tonight in Hot Springs. That's only an hour and a half from me. I want to go see them play in the state finals so bad, but I already made this commitment to the school. I love working at the school, but I would also love to see my old girls play in this game. Regardless of whether or not I get to watch them, though, I am SO proud! What an exciting time of their lives this is!

I got my schoolwork done for the day already, and now my husband has gone down to work on that door some more. I think he's painting. I probably ought to go see how I can help him. Woohoo for two good days in a row after such a bad one, though!!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Broken Heart

It's amazing how much more it can hurt to watch someone you love deal with pain than it is to deal with it yourself. My heart is so broken. We are getting an early spring, and I have always absolutely loved this time of year. When you have a husband who experiences extreme pain almost continually as the fronts of spring weather come through, though, it is not such a wonderful time of year. With this early spring means early increased pain. Today was beautiful. It was windy, but the temperatures were in the low to mid 70's. We had planned to get out and work in the yard to enjoy the day. Yesterday we attempted it, but after about 30 minutes he could do no more. We were both so excited about today. He made it to the couch after crawling out of bed. Within about an hour he was back in the bed for a good portion of the day. Regardless of whether he was laying, sitting, or standing, he could not decrease the amount of constant pain he felt. He tried sitting on his hip and leaning over so he would have no weight on his tailbone or rear end, but his hips bothered him too bad. The nonstop intense pain led to frustration and embarrassment. He felt bad for me to see him like this. He knows I am used to it, but it still bothers him every time. He tries to hide so much of it from everybody... even me. Hiding it from someone who is around you 24 hours a day, though, is nearly impossible. The longer it persisted, the more frustrated and angry he got. It absolutely breaks my heart to have to see him go through it and know there is nothing I can do to help. I stretched him, massaged him, waited on him hand and foot, prayed for him, and did everything I knew to do to encourage him, relax him, and make him feel better mentally and emotionally. But that's all I can do. Other than that I just have to sit there and see him go through it. By the end of the day, I'm left with an exhausted husband from his muscles contracting to the pain all day and a broken heart from having to see him go through it.