Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Taking Advantage...

Of this BEAUTIFUL weather!!! We have been wanting to get away for a short camping trip for a couple of months now, but we haven't been able to when pretty weather arose. This week we did, and we are soaking up every second! I had to spend our entire first day finishing a paper I had due for school, but today has been nothing short of perfect. Tim has dealt with quite a bit of pain, but he has the will to push harder through it when we're doing something he enjoys. He had some bonding time with the baby yesterday since I had to work on my paper all day. Today we started off by heading down to the river early so he could relish in his newest hobby... Photography. We walked along the bank getting pictures for quite awhile. We came back and I cooked breakfast while he rested from the trek. We spent the rest of the day doing whatever came to mind that we wanted to do. When nothing came to mind we did just that... Nothing. It has been wonderful! After a walk with the stroller tonight we bathed the baby, got him to sleep, and enjoyed a nice campfire complete with s'mores. Perfect! I am so excited for tomorrow!

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