Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jogging at almost 41 Weeks Pregnant

I'm trying everything to coax this little guy out of my belly so the doc won't use any pharmaceuticals to get him out. Today, at almost 41 weeks pregnant, I jogged. Crazy? Maybe. But it got some mild contractions started. The only reason I quit jogging regularly at 30 weeks was because tightening and pressure made me fear preterm labor. My doc had told me back then that it wouldn't hurt the baby as long as I paid attention to my body and didn't let it put me into preterm labor. She said I would probably have to quit by 36 weeks simply because of discomfort. I only made it to 30 weeks. But I figured it was worth a shot today. I didn't go out and jog 5 miles, 1 mile, or even half a mile. I just jogged a few house lengths, walked a few house lengths, jogged a few house lengths, etc. I paid very close attention to my body. Although the mild contractions eventually eased, it gave me hope. So my plan for tomorrow: jog!

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