Friday, January 4, 2013

Jogging success... or is it?

I went out for a jog again today. I am ready to have this little angel in my arms. Although it wasn't all at one time, I ended up jogging a little over a mile. It felt pretty good while I was doing it. I just didn't want to mess anything up, so I tried to not do too much. It worked! I started having contractions right after getting back from the jog. The problem... I started having chest pains, too. The contractions gradually got closer together as the day continued, but the chest pains continuously got worse. Tonight my husband put his foot down. We were going to the hospital. The checked out the baby, and he was okay. So they checked out my heart, and it was okay. So they began monitoring my contractions. Now I'm in the hospital with regular contractions that are steadily getting stronger. Maybe we'll have a baby tonight!!!

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